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Exit Strategy with Jeff Wattenhofer

Jun 26, 2019

JC "Scrappy" Coccoli came by fresh from the boxing ring to chat about a life outside of comedy.

We chat California Kings, how hosting a legendary bar show taught her comedy on the fly, the job skills you don't realize you're gaining while producing stand up shows and how they can translate to new careers.



Jun 19, 2019

Comedy's Ron Babcock is HERE, and he's ready to chat about a life without stand-up!

We talk about using stand-up performance skills in the real world, the difference between bombing onstage and a complete meltdown, and why Ron's next tour should be sponsored by Soda Stream.


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Jun 12, 2019

Comedian and future Ken Burns Baseball interview subject, Finn Straley is on the show!

We chat about his 20 years in broadcasting, why a terrible bar show is always better than performing stand up for family, and how an audiobook blew his damn mind. 


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Jun 5, 2019

Steve Hernandez is on the show with Jeff today, and these two old dogs are taking stock of a life lived in LA comedy.

Steve and Jeff discuss fitting in at the Comedy Store as a simultaneous newcomer/comedy-veteran, plotting your next career move after a decade in stand up, and the true beauty one can find on a Lime...