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Exit Strategy with Jeff Wattenhofer

Dec 26, 2018

Amber Kenny from the Long Shot Podcast is joining us as we dig into another crop of the best chats from the past year of Exit Strategy! 

Today's Chats Include:

- Debra DiGiovanni on developing her high energy style

- Danny Maupin tells us his place in Peter Frampton history

- Greg Edwards on how he divides his energy between comedy and working with children

- Caitlin Gill grapples with her first taste of real Hollywood success

- Zach Sherwin on the bad advice that led to his disastrous first meeting with Jeff

- Whitmer Thomas struggles to fit into tried and true showbiz molds

- Dan Dominguez shares the journey to his successful exit from stand up comedy


Next week...The STRATS! Find out the Exit Strategies of some of your favorite comedians!


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