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Exit Strategy with Jeff Wattenhofer

May 30, 2018

Dan Gill from the Groomzillas podcast returns to Exit Strategy to join Jeff for a supersized look back at the past 35 episodes. Who were their favorites? Who do they think should take the plunge and quit comedy? Will Jeff finally reveal HIS exit strategy?

The fellas are talking high school jazz band,...

May 16, 2018

Alex Hooper is like if a Flaming Lips concert came to life. When he's not creating a 12 month yoga wall calendar with his pug, he's throwing Grease-themed comedy raves in airport hangers.

Alex is on Exit Strategy this week to talk about a potential life in sales, getting meditative on a slackline, and the benefits of...

May 9, 2018

Comedian Heather Thomson is on the show today to chat about processing pain through comedy, still having to prove your comedy chops to younger generations of comics, and pomegranate repair serum.

She even gives Jeff an impromptu interior design consultation!

Will Jeff replace the countertops in his apartment's...

May 2, 2018

Greg Edwards is so so so much more than his alter ego, Sparky Sweets from Thug Notes. He's also one hell of a stand up, and a beloved figure on the LA comedy scene. Greg is on the show today, talking root beer, mentoring kids, and escaping the Hollywood life to resettle in the deserts of Joshua Tree.

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