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Exit Strategy with Jeff Wattenhofer

Dec 20, 2017

Host of the Lady to Lady podcast, and the world's foremost Britney Spears expert, Tess Barker is on the show to chat about her Yale speaking engagement, escaping to Costa Rica, and her new podcast dedicated entirely to the Instagram account of Britney Spears.

Bonus! Tess has given a nickname to fans of this show! Tune...

Dec 13, 2017

Jeff's neighbor Will Weldon took a short walk down the street to the Exit Strategy Studios to chat a bit about comedy houses, Metallica, and becoming a househusband. 

What's the best gift to give your ol' pal Jeff for the holidays? A rating and a review on iTunes! 

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Dec 6, 2017

Fresh off the release of his first Comedy Central half hour and album, Solomon Georgio is on the show to talk about taping a Conan set while deathly ill, pre-show pooping, and the regrets he has about friends left behind in the pursuit of comedy.

LISTENER! Yeah, you! The show is still in desperate need of nutrients in...